Webkonferenz | Wed, December 8, 2021 | 9:30am GMT

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Moore’s Law – the exponential development of computing power – is a familiar concept to many investors. But what if exponential technological progress suddenly becomes the norm? Artificial intelligence, new energies, electromobility, environmental technology, robotics, genetic engineering, medical technology – the list of industries that will see quantum leaps in technological development in the coming years can be continued indefinitely. Three experts present insights and solutions on megatrends that will shape society, the economy and financial markets in the coming years. 

Exclusively for professional investors from the UK.

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Wed, December 8, 2021
9:30am GMT

Start of event

9:35am - 10:05am GMT

New chapter for Asia’s clean tech

Phil S. Lee, Head of Asia Pacific Research, Mirae Asset Global Investments

Phil Lee will discuss the Asia Clean Tech landscape. Asian companies are not known for clean tech innovation, but they are formidable manufacturers when it comes to scaling up for mass production. A global rollout of clean tech products like battery, solar modules, and wind turbines is expected over the next decade, and Asian clean tech companies are well-positioned to benefit. Phil will also discuss the 4G mobile internet revolution with many companies in India and ASEAN expected to emerge as global leaders compared to their peers in the developed countries.

10:05am - 10:35am GMT

Digital Infrastructure – making it all work

Mark Abssy, Head of Indexing, Tematica Research, a partner of HANetf

From the days of the 4 node ARPANET in the 1970s to today’s vast amount of web-connected devices, digital infrastructure has always been in the background. Increasingly, due to what we like to call the “Virtuous Circle”, Digital Infrastructure and Connectivity has been thrust into the spotlight. The companies that have been taking us into the future have been doing so for some time and the advent of 5G represents a huge global upgrade. The interesting thing is that even as these companies are benefiting from the current upgrade cycle this is a segment that serves a client base that is never going to say “I have enough bandwidth, please stop.” Join us to find out more about this exciting segment of technology.

10:35am - 11:05am GMT

The future of digital payments: when cash is no longer king

Tom Barker, Product Specialist, RizeETF

The payments landscape is undergoing significant transformation. Technological advancements are making payments cheaper, better and faster. Today, the future of money is envisioned as a digital-first environment. In this presentation, Tom Barker will introduce you to this new theme and talk about the companies that stand to benefit from the structural transition away from traditional cash payments to the speed and convenience of digital wallets, digital payments and digital currencies. Finally, he will wrap up the presentation by presenting our new Digital Payments ETF.

11:05 - 11:15am GMT

Wrap up by moderator, end of event


Phil S. Lee

Specializing in growth-style equity investments, Phil Lee has managed the Mirae Asset Asia Growth Equity Fund since January 2015, which has a 5-star Morningstar rating. He is the author of a book titled “The Future of Asia Investment” and columnist to a prominent news magazine in Korea.

Mark Abssy

Mark Abssy is the Head of Indexing at Tematica Research, a partner of HANetf, focused on index and ETP development. In his 25-year career, he has held product development and management positions at NYSE|ICE, ISE ETF Ventures, Morgan Stanley, Fidelity Investments, and Loomis Sayles.

Tom Barker

Tom Barker is a Product Specialist with RizeETF. He previously worked as a product strategist at Invesco where he was responsible for product management and sales strategy for EMEA ETFs. Prior to this Tom was a marketing specialist at Jupiter Asset Management and has also worked as a senior research analyst at alternative assets data provider Preqin.


Laurie Havelock

Laurie Havelock is a journalist, writer and podcaster, currently serving as Editor-at-large for IR Magazine. He also works for the i newspaper as a news editor and culture correspondent. Away from writing, he works on several comedy podcasts and was formerly a radio DJ. 


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