Web Conference | Thu, October 7, 2021 | 9:30am CEST

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With the apparent end of Covid-19, the outlook for capital markets is more uncertain than ever. Central banks are flooding the markets with cheap money. This has sharply driven equity valuations. Inflation and interest rate hike risks are back. The global economic outlook is vague. Which strategy fits this scenario? How can risk and return be optimally adjusted? Multi asset, balanced and dividend strategies – three excellent portfolio managers present strategies for these challenging times.

Exclusively for institutional and professional investors from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

All presentations will be held in English.

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Thu, Oct 7, 2021
9:30am CEST

Start of event

9:35am - 10:05am CEST

Income investment in changing markets

Thomas Moore, Portfolio Manager and Co-head of the Henley Fixed Interest team at Invesco

Thomas Moore will look at the risks and rewards across the credit and equity markets as the global economy continues to recover. He will assess the outlook for income-oriented investors and will illustrate how this is reflected in the investment strategy of the Invesco Pan European High Income Fund.

10:05am - 10:35am CEST

Spotlight on Global Bonds to navigate changing tides

Patricia Schuetz, Senior Client Portfolio Manager, Pictet Asset Management

In her presentation, Patricia will try to provide answers to the following questions, amongst other topics: Will the pace of vaccination be sufficient to sustain the recovery? Has the FED changed its reaction function after the recent inflation surprises? Will inflation stay low in Europe while rising in the US? Is China ready for a more pro-growth policy shift?

10:35am - 11:05am CEST

Crash, record-recovery…what’s next?

Edward J. Dearing, Portfolio Manager, MFS Investment Management

After the markets have staged a record-recovery since the Corona-induced slump in March 2020, the question arises as to the sustainability of this development. The main driver has been excessive liquidity and less robust fundamentals. Once the adrenaline that central banks and fiscal policy have provided for the global economy will eventually wear off, many areas of the economy will face old and new challenges. The presentation will focus on the philosophy of our MFS Prudent Capital Strategy and our current market assessment.

11:05am - 11:10am CEST

Wrap up by moderator and end of event.


Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore is a fund manager and senior credit analyst within the Henley Investment Centre’s Fixed Interest team at Invesco. He has over 21 years of investment experience and is a CFA charterholder.

Patricia Schuetz

Patricia Schuetz joined Pictet AM’s Fixed Income team in 2014 as Senior Client Portfolio Manager following a similar role at Invesco AM and as an account manager at Pimco. She brings more than 25 years industry experience to her role.

Edward J. Dearing

Edward J. Dearing is an investment officer and equity portfolio manager at MFS Investment Management. Edward joined MFS in 2014 as an equity research analyst and took on portfolio management responsibilities for the firm’s Prudent Capital strategy in 2018. Prior to joining the firm, he worked at Deutsche Bank AG. Before that, he worked for three years as an attorney with Covington & Burling LLP and for three years at Clifford Chance LLP.


Edward Bowsher

Ed Bowsher has worked as a financial journalist since 2000. His previous jobs include Deputy Editor of MoneyWeek and Editor of The Motley Fool UK. He has also written for Citywire, Financial Times, breakingviews and several other publications.


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