Web Conference | Thu, January 14, 2021 | 9:30am CET

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Asia is and remains the global growth engine. Even the coronavirus crisis has not changed this. Countries like China have shown to be very resilient in the crisis. The Chinese economy has returned to pre-corona levels within a very short time. But China is not the only country offering interesting investment opportunities. India and ASEAN offer no less growth prospects. With Korea and Japan, two highly developed industrial nations are located in the region.

The question for European investors is therefore not whether Asia should be an investment target. The question is rather, in which countries, industries, companies and asset classes should they invest? And which are suitable investment vehicles? There are interesting investment opportunities on both the fixed income and the equity side.

We bring together some of the best international Asian managers in our web conference. You can expect exciting analyses, opinions and investment solutions.

Participation exclusively for professional investors from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

All presentations will be held in English.

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Thu, January 14, 2021
9:30am CET

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9:35-10:05am CET

Asian Equities: Attractive, strong businesses underappreciated by the markets

Andrew Clifford, CIO, Platinum Asset Management

Long-term, Platinum view equities as the greatest store of wealth and Asia an important source of future wealth creation. Asia is hugely innovative and dynamic, offering structural growth in a world generally starved of it. Compared to Western counterparts, there are many strong businesses in Asia with relatively attractive valuations. A long growth runway, beset by moments of fear, provides a fertile area to invest in. The impact of COVID-19 created mispricings and compelling entry points for businesses not well understood. Similarly, geopolitical risk may engender fear and disruption but also presents opportunity.

10:05-10:35am CET

Asia’s Growing Consumer Story

Joohee An, Senior Portfolio Manager, Mirae Asset Global Investments

Over 50% of the world’s population resides in Asia and wealth as we know it in the region is growing rapidly. The size of the investing middle class has increased, and GDP growth in many of the region’s economies outstrips that in most Western countries. Themes around local brands, education, tourism, internet and e-commerce are quickly proliferating from a new age of consumption.

10:35-11:05am CET

Beyond index inclusion – where do we find value in China bond market?

Edmund Goh, Investment Director, Aberdeen Standard Investments

China bond market has evolved over the years from an obscure bond market to being a “fashionable” market now. ASI seeks to share the past 10 years’ experience in the market with investors; putting local risks in perspective for foreign investors. Edmund Goh will also talk about the interesting stereotypes foreign investors and local investors have for each other, and if differing investment philosophies create more opportunities for investors.

11:05-11:10am CET

Wrap up by moderator and end of event


Andrew Clifford

Andrew Clifford is CEO and CIO of the Platinum Group. He joined Platinum as a founding member in 1994 in the capacity of director and Deputy Chief Investment Officer. Andrew was appointed Chief Investment Officer in May 2013.

Joohee An

Joohee An manages Asia portfolios focusing on sectors benefiting from the increasing domestic consumption growth, including the ‘Great Consumer’ range of products. She joined the Group in 2006. She received award certificate from Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance in 2014.

Edmund Goh

Edmund Goh is an Investment Director on the Asian Fixed Income team at Aberdeen Standard Investments. He is specialised in the China local currency and USD bond market. Edmund joined Aberdeen Asset Management in 2011, responsible for macroeconomic research and investment management in Asian local currency fixed income.


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