Web Conference | Thu, September 3, 2020 | 9:30am CEST

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With so far unseen fiscal and monetary measures, Europe’s governments and the European Central Bank are trying to mitigate the consequences of the coronavirus crisis. But at what price? What long-term consequences will these rescue measures have for the capital markets?

Is Europe in the end threatening to slip further into debt? Is Europe worse than its reputation? Is the innovative strength of European companies perhaps underestimated? And what investment opportunities are emerging in the current European environment?

We will discuss interesting European equity strategies and take a look at corporate bonds. How can investors benefit from valuation differences and interest rate spreads? We will talk with leading European portfolio managers.

Participation exclusively for professional investors.

All presentations will be held in English.

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Thu, September 3, 2020
9:30am CEST

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9:35-10:05am CEST

The 2020’s: Europe’s decade?

Ben Ritchie, Head of European Equities, Aberdeen Standard Investments

Ben will look at the opportunities over the next ten years for active managers in European equities to generate globally leading returns. How leadership on social responsibility and the environment has the potential to drive capital flows back to the continent, how these trends will also generate opportunities for companies to grow while continuing to build on their traditional strengths of brand heritage, intellectual property and international expertise.

10:05-10:35am CEST

Europe: turning more risk on

Giles Rothbarth, Director and Portfolio Manager, BlackRock

What are the tactical and structural opportunities for investing in European equities? Giles Rothbarth will describe how the team’s close dialogue with company management teams and use of alternative data has helped identify a more robust recovery than many had expected. He will furthermore discussing opportunities that may result from the EU Recovery fund.

10:35-11:05am CEST

How to capture the European bond market opportunities

Ismael Lecanu, Head of Credit Investment Grade, AXA Investment Managers

Credit spreads are close to their pre Covid-19 levels, both in Europe and in the US, in the meantime government bond yields are close to their all-time low. How to deliver a positive return on fixed income in that context and keeping a liquid portfolio? Ismael Lecanu will explain how a flexible bonds approach can deal with this environment and deliver an attractive return for investors.

11:05-11:10am CEST

Wrap up by moderator and end of event


Ben Ritchie

Ben Ritchie is the Head of European Equities at Aberdeen Standard Investments. Ben originally joined Aberdeen Asset Management in 2002 on the graduate scheme. He graduated with a BA (Hons) in Modern History and Politics from Pembroke College, University of Oxford and is a CFA Charterholder.

Ismael Lecanu

Ismael joined AXA IM in 2011 as a Senior Portfolio Manager and is Head of Credit for AXA’s active strategies. Previously, he was in charge of the overall fixed income exposure and asset allocation at Klesia and a Credit Portfolio Manager at Natixis AM, in charge of investement grade and high yield funds.

Giles Rothbarth

Giles Rothbarth, CFA, Director and portfolio manager, is a member of the European Equity team within the Fundamental Equity division of BlackRock’s Active Equities Platform. He is co-portfolio manager for the BFM Continental European Fund, the BFM European Dynamic Fund and the BGF Continental European Flexible Fund.


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