Do you want to attract new investors for your strategies?

So don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your investment expertise in front of a highly relevant target group.

Capital markets thrive on valid information and well-founded market evaluations. Capitalmarkt.events brings together leading investment managers and professional investors to share experiences and opinions. Our mission is to create exclusive events that offer added value to both sides.


Why should we become a sponsor?

The events of Capitalmarket.events are aimed at professional investors. These include wealth managers, family offices, banks, funds of funds and institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance companies. Individual events may be aimed at all or some of these target groups.

As a result, with our events you reach a highly relevant target group: you present your know-how and investment strategies to an audience of professional investors.

Which events are planned?

On Capitalmarket.events you will find a current overview of all planned events, topics and dates. Our conferences are aimed at professional investors who want to learn more about latest investment trends and market topics.

How can we get involved in the events?

Our events focus on sharing knowledge. Sponsors are usually given the opportunity to hold a presentation on a macroeconomic and/or product topic. A Q&A session completes the presentation.

Presentation topics will be discussed in consultation with our team in order to ensure that the programme of each event is as coherent as possible.

What advertising opportunities are available?

In addition to presentations, sponsors have the opportunity to present themselves in the form of banners/displays. Local events include the distribution of advertising material and give-aways with information from the sponsors.

How can I get further information?

Our team will be happy to answer your questions at any time. Please contact us at sponsoring@capitalmarket.events.

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